Sunday, November 2, 2008


It is about time I posted another blog, I have had a hard time finding a moment to sit down and write.

I can not believe it is already November (really I am having a hard time believing it is November, since I was just out yesterday mowing our lawn in the 80 degree weather.) Although it is almost Thanksgiving, fall has really not yet arrived here in TX, but I can tell there is a crisper feeling in the air. Things have been going pretty smoothly, I don't have a lot to report, which is probably a good thing.We just got back from AK a week ago, and had an absolutely fabulous vacation (thanks mom and dad.) The kids did great, and had SO much fun playing with cousins, and Grammy and Papi, and Auntie and Uncle. It was so nice to be able to go with Chris and get to see our friends, and enjoy a lot of date nights, (which are very rare for us) and just relax and enjoy being "home." The kids were once again super travelers. I counted and this was Cailey's 11th trip on an airplane, which is not counting the times in my belly, and Caleb's 4th. They are becoming little jet setters. Our next big adventure is our trip to Hawaii...we have been spoiled rotten by my mom and dad this year. My entire family will be traveling to Kauai on Feb 2nd, for 10 days of fun and sun to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday. We are all very excited and are counting down the days. So now we are just looking foward to the holidays, and doing our best not to gain a bunch of weight durning this time, because we have to be in bathing suits in 2 months!!!

The kids are doing great. Cailey has been doing really good in pre-school, and is making a lot of friends. She is getting very excited about turning 5 (she still has 3 months, but talks about it regularly.) She seems to think at times she is 13 instead of 4, the attitude is definately coming out, but all in all she is a sweet ,bubbly, extremely talkative little girl who we are very proud of.

Caleb is doing pretty well in pre-school, but has had a few naughty notes sent home with him. His favorite word is "mine" right now, and has a tendancy to steal toys from his friends, and then run away with a big grin on his face laughing. Having a boy is a very different experience from having a girl, but a huge blessing also. He is so sweet, and cuddly, and is just so cute that all the little naughty things are pretty hard to get mad at. He has a great laugh, and is generally a happy little boy. We are working on being kind, so hopefully this phase will pass quickly.

That's about it for us! Hope this finds all of you doing well also. We love and miss you all, and hope to hear updates from all of you soon also.
Chris and Christina


Anonymous said...

Wow! You guys look great-- all 4 of you. I am amazed at how big the little ones are getting and how insanely cute your family is. I love the new hairdo by the way, very daring & exciting! I chopped mine off too-- it was time :o) Great to hear from you all and I hope God continues to bless the Ingrams~ Hugs & Kisses from California!


Liz said...

Love the Pictures, wow is Caleb a little Chris Mini Me or what! You all look great.