Monday, July 14, 2008

We only have one full day left in our house. I am a little sad actually, because we love this house, but am excited to start fresh in our new free house! The free part makes it a bit easier to part with this house. We move on Wed, and wanted to post our new information. Our phone number will stay the same, here it is for those of you who don't have it...325-695-2062 and here is our new address...101 Indiana St. Dyess AFB, TX 79605.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

We had such a nice Fourth of July weekend. Chris and I both had a four day weekend, so we were able to do a lot of fun things and do a lot of relaxing. On the 3rd we stayed up late and went to the drive in movie theatre (which is so fun.) First we watched Wall i, which was a cute robot kids movie, and then we put the kids to bed in the van and Chris and I watched the Hulk. Let me rephrase that, Chris watched the Hulk, while the rest of us slept, but it was really fun and I had a great nap. On the 4th we went to a pool that was having some festivities. They had a money dive where they threw a bunch of change into the pool and everyone raced to get as much as they could. All together we probably made about 5 or 6 dollars, but it was fun. They also has a balloon toss and three legged races and other things. We had a good time hanging out together. We did not do any fireworks this year, because our children are terrified of them for some reason or another. We had a relaxing Saturday and Sunday, just hanging out together, and going to the pool some more, and then on Monday we went to the Zoo and the park, and had a great time. It was a much needed weekend and, and was stress free, relaxing and fun.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Last Week

So lets see...what has been new around here? About a week and a half ago I took the kids to McDonalds playland for 1.50 happy meal day. We were having a nice time playing, I happened to be watching three other children that day, so had 5 kids with me, Caleb was playing on a bench, and I said "get down Caleb, that's not safe" so being a boy he decided he needed to jump down. I don't even really know what happened but he ended up on his face and there was lots of blood. I tried to keep calm and when I looked in his mouth I saw 1st his front tooth was chipped and 2nd there was a lot of blood coming from his gums. So Chris met me there and we gathered all 5 kids and went home. We didn't have a dentist yet, so I called the insurance company, found out what dentist I could take him to, left all 4 other kids at home with Chris and took Caleb. 2 hours later we found out that he had indeed chipped his tooth, and also had rolled his gums up off the bone, that is why there was so much blood, and that he was going to be just fine, but maybe just look a little funny. The tooth is now turning a lovely shade of grey(will have to ask the dr. about that when we go in for a follow up) but it doesn't seem to be bothering him in the least. I am not quite sure why he thinks he has to jump off of everything, but for some reason he does and it is driving me crazy trying to make sure he doesn't get hurt again.
Bigger news about Caleb though is that he has decided to be potty trained. I wasn't even expecting to start trying with him until at least 2 and a half, but since I have been potty training the little girl that I watch for about the last 4 months, he has been slowly easing into it. About 5 days ago he finally peed on the potty and now his is wearing big boy undies. I am super excited about it, but also a little wary because he isn't even 2 yet, but he is definatley ready, and I wasn't going to stop him. He loves that he gets candy every time he goes and is extremely proud of himself. We are proud of him too, and although I spend all day on the bathroom floor while he is trying to go, it is worth it to watch my little baby turning into a big boy.

Cailey has also had a mileston this last week or two. She passed the swimming test at the pool. She can go down the slide now, and swim in the deep end, although we told her she isn't allowed without us. She took swimming lessons a couple of weeks ago and they really helped. She is becoming a little fish. She LOVES to swim and it makes me feel so much more comfortable knowing she is in the water with the skills to not drown.