Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

We had such a nice Fourth of July weekend. Chris and I both had a four day weekend, so we were able to do a lot of fun things and do a lot of relaxing. On the 3rd we stayed up late and went to the drive in movie theatre (which is so fun.) First we watched Wall i, which was a cute robot kids movie, and then we put the kids to bed in the van and Chris and I watched the Hulk. Let me rephrase that, Chris watched the Hulk, while the rest of us slept, but it was really fun and I had a great nap. On the 4th we went to a pool that was having some festivities. They had a money dive where they threw a bunch of change into the pool and everyone raced to get as much as they could. All together we probably made about 5 or 6 dollars, but it was fun. They also has a balloon toss and three legged races and other things. We had a good time hanging out together. We did not do any fireworks this year, because our children are terrified of them for some reason or another. We had a relaxing Saturday and Sunday, just hanging out together, and going to the pool some more, and then on Monday we went to the Zoo and the park, and had a great time. It was a much needed weekend and, and was stress free, relaxing and fun.


Kevin said...

Sounds like a great holiday weekend. We watched our fireworks from the couch in my Brother's living room, no noise and no crowds!


Coach Don said...

Wow, sounds like you guys had a great (relaxing) weekend. Mom and I were in bed by 10 pm as the fireworks pounded in the background. The view from the backyard was great, but we were both really tired. Jon was at work and Ali was with friends. I was worn out by the surgery, etc. I'm kinda surprised that Caleb doesn't like fireworks...we'll have to work on that :-). Cailey probably has to be 5 before she likes them :-).

We love the pictures and are so very glad that you all had such a wonderful weekend.

Now the biggie moving day is close at hand! Post pic's of the new house so we can see it !

We love you guys!
Grandpa Ingram

Mandy said...

Your 4th does sound very relaxing and full of family fun! Your matching braids are so cute!!! I'm sorry to hear about Caleb's tooth - I remember when my little brother would do stuff like that and it must just come from being a little boy! We had a good 4th in Seminole with family, bbq, and fireworks out in the country. The heat is fun but on sunday our a/c unit went out. It's ok - life's surprises always have a good. Now we get a new unit that will run better. I love you all!

Harris Fam said...

I can't believe Cailey can swim and Caleb is potty trained! They're getting so big. I need to get Jaden in swim lessons, when I go back to the states I'm going to have to look into that. She is so cute! I'm glad you guys are enjoying your new life in Texas and everything is going so well. Can't wait to see you again...