Friday, August 8, 2008

Ok, so after posting this newest blog, I realized that everyone had been leaving comments on the previous blogs and I had no idea...can you say computer illiterate. So thank you all for leaving such nice comments, I loved them! Also, I realize there are no pics of Chris on this most recent blog. It isn't that we don't love him, and it isn't that he wasn't there, it is just for some reason he was camera shy. I will try and get a few of him and of the new house this week, Because he is pretty handsome and definatley worth looking at! Love and miss you all!

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Selaine4tn said...

It's so nice to have this! Thank you so much for posting the news and the really sweet pictures. I just love them. I hope Caleb liked his birthday present from his grampa and gramma. I know we we negligent in sending Cailey's so I hope that made up for it. I hope it's not to "baby" for Caleb. We thought he'd love the fire engine.
Love to you all!